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  • A little about me... A series of stories, 14 to be exact, are going onto Literotica.com right now. These are the first ones. I'm taking a break and then I'll write more. I just haven't decided if I'll write more stuff based on truth or fiction yet. Cheers.

    I have just graduated college and am editing some old erotic stories that I wrote. Since the job market sucks so bad, I figure maybe I can get them published...if there turns out to be a market for such twisted tales.

    Here's an example:

    This is an extremely erotic story. It deals with consensual sibling insect. If you are offended by that sort of thing, DON'T READ IT!

    Okay, this is the short version of the story. My brother and I had always been close and shared an almost indecent relationship. My parents had to make us stop taking baths together and sleeping together when we were adolescences. Jason (not his real name) had always stuck up for me if and when other kids were mean to me and we tended to tell each other everything. As close as we were no one, not even Jason or I, thought anything about it when we moved into the same apartment in college.

    He was a junior and I was a freshman. We shared a one bedroom place just off campus, in an old house that had been converted into apartments. I got the bedroom, being the girl, and Jason slept on a futon in the living room. It was close quarters that would contribute to our getting even closer. We were both buried in our studies, Jason trying to graduate early and me trying to get my GPA up enough to earn a scholarship. Because of this we didn't go out much and our weekends were usually spent at home. One Friday night, after a particularly rough week, my brother came home determined to fend off brain fry with a bottle of rum in his hand. "We're getting drunk and forgetting about school for a change," he announced.

    We mixed the booze with some kind of juice we had, I don't remember what. Jason broke out some cards and suggested a drinking game. He said we could play 21 and had to drink every time we lost. An hour later we were both getting pretty sauced and that's when my courage stepped up.

    "This is boring," I whined. "We need a game that's more exciting and won't have me with my head in the toilet tomorrow."

    "What do you suggest?" Jason asked.

    I smiled, my head swimming and a fearless urge brewing inside me. "Let's play strip poker," I wickedly suggested.

    Jason smiled but seemed hesitant. I pushed him saying that it was no big deal and it could be kind of a kick. Finally he agreed and we started playing hands for articles of clothing. Another hour later I wasn't much more drunk but, I was down to my panties and so horny I could scream. Jason was also down to his underwear and sporting an erection that looked painful even through his tighty whiteies. We were playing five card stud this hand and my brother produced a pair of queens. I, however, had a straight flush. I proudly slapped it down and announced my win.

    "Drop the sheet and show the meat!" I laughed.

    This is where things really started to get freaky, even to me. Jason, without a word, stood and pulled off his underpants. I suddenly found myself gasping a bit for air. There before my eyes was my brother's naked, erect, penis, suddenly seeming so big and daring me to say something. Anything.

    "Nice dick," I heard myself stutter.

    Again, Jason said nothing. He just sat back down and dealt another hand. I lost this one and we were both suddenly completely naked in front of each other. I was loosing my mind with desire while still telling myself "He's your brother!" Of course, if I'd really cared about such a thing, I wouldn't have been playing strip poker with him. Jason asked if the game was over or if we were to keep going. I asked him what stakes we were playing for at this point. He smiled a little.

    "Tell you what, Em, whoever wins gets a blowjob from the other one."

    I laughed. It was a nervous laugh but, also a little excited. I grew suddenly quiet and scanned Jason's face for any sign that he might be messing with my head. I saw nothing. Hesitantly, I nodded in agreement and my brother dealt. It was a hand of blackjack. Jason turned over a 10 and a 7 and I turned over a Jack and a 9. For a split second I wondered if Jason had deliberately lost the hand but, I didn't really care. The prize was a blow job and, if Jay were really serious, I was about to get one.

    I spread my legs, my stomach doing flips the whole time but, proudly insisted, "Eat my pussy."

    He did. I was so shocked and so turned on. It felt SO GOOD. I came in about three minutes. Jason backed off wiping my fluids off his mouth and smiling. He asked without any apparent fear or shame if I'd be willing to do the same for him. Suddenly, sucking his dick like a popsicle didn't sound all that inappropriate. Suddenly, it was the most exciting thing in the world. I put him in my mouth and went to town. Jason even had to tell me to slow down and take it easy a couple of times. Still, in less than a few minute he announced that he was coming and, while I continued to jerk him off, he sprayed semen all over my neck and chest.

    Jason and I both fell asleep on the futon, naked. The next morning was a bit awkward but, we both learned that the whole thing was something that we'd both wanted for as long as either of us could remember. We began a sexual relationship right then which continues to get more and more perverted and wild. I love every minute of it.

    ...And, if you're interested, I'll share some more details with you some other time. Later.

    THAT GOT A DECENT RESPONSE (special thanks to the person who caught a name slip in there. Changed to protect the guilty but, obviously not changed enough) SO, HERE ANOTHER.

    This is an extremely erotic story. It deals with consensual sibling insect. If you are offended by that sort of thing, DON'T READ IT!

    (To catch up with how the whole story started read "The Beginning" first.)

    So, my brother Jason and I had begun fooling around. In the beginning it was often preceded by games. I suppose it was a way of making it happen without really admitting that we'd become lovers. If someone walks up and is welcome to start kissing you and rubbing you all over, there's no denying that's a physical relationship. If you play Truth or Dare over a bottle of zinfandel first, it could be argued that that was an experiment of sorts or that "things just got out of hand". Some kind of bullshit.

    It was the afore mentioned Truth or Dare that revealed that Jason and I had both wanted to sleep with each other for as long as either of us could remember. We'd both masturbated while thinking of the other one. We'd both thought of the other one while having sex with someone else. We'd both basically been each other's secret fantasy since puberty. Once we moved in together in college it was just inevitable that something would land us in bed.
    About three weeks had gone by and Jason and I had limited our incestuous exploits to oral sex, mutual masturbation, kissing, rubbing and other, let's say noninvasive, things. We knew that, at least for now, actual intercourse was completely out of the question. I wasn't on the pill and if a condom broke we could really be up shit creek without a paddle. So, with no vaginal penetration on the menu what else can you really do?

    "How about anal sex?" my brother asked one night.

    "What?" I returned.

    "Anal sex, Emily. Have you ever tried it?"

    "God, no!" Like 99% of most American women I was mortified even by the thought of anything going in and out of my ass, much less a man's erect genitals.

    "Why not?"

    "What do you mean 'why not'?" I furrowed my brow, wondering why such a question even needed asking. "A dick! A big, hard dick getting shoved up my butt? No thank you!"

    Jason grinned and seemed a little sheepish. "I don't know. It's not that big."

    I suddenly choked on whatever it was we were drinking that night. It dawned on me that Jason wasn't just probing me for details about my past. He was suggesting I let him probe my backside. I coughed a few times and wiped my drink from my mouth. "You've got to be joking."

    "Oh, come on, Em," he begged, suddenly seeming so excited and eager. "Think about it. We could be really close, actually fucking without...well, you know, fucking."

    I scanned Jason's face looking for some sort of glimpse that he might be messing with me. What I saw was a kind of urgency that suggested that this might be something he'd given a lot of thought to.

    "Truth," I proposed not giving him the option of the dare. Jason nodded and I continued. "Is this something that you've fantasized about?"

    My brother started to visibly blush. His eagerness seemed to be slightly tamed for a while. It was then that he reveled that it was his primary fantasy and had been for some time. He would imagine situations, like being stranded on an island, that would put us together where we could express our desires but not without fear of pregnancy. The only other option open to us, was anal sex. He paused for a brief moment before finally admitting that screwing my ass was the primary thing he thought about when he masturbated.

    I sat silently for a while. I don't know how to explain it but, something about his explanation seemed kind of sweet. I know that sounds ridiculous but, it was so obvious that Jason was being sincere and that this was something that meant a lot to him.

    "Let me think about it," I finally told him.

    He perked up a bit. I didn't let him sodomize me that night but, the mere idea that I would consider it made Jason very happy, not to mention horney. He kissed me and then picked me up and took me to my bed where he went down on me for, like, an hour and a half. I came about six times. The next morning both my head and crotch were sore and I didn't even mind.

    I spent the next couple of days considering my brother's request. It was a pretty big one from where I was sitting, no pun intended. Still, there was a part of me that wanted to give it to him. I looked on line for some information on the whole process of "taking it up the ass". Just a tip, if you ever try and research such a thing be prepared. No matter how technical you try and sound in the search engine, you'll get hit with SO MANY porn pop up's that it's literally not funny. Apparently, it's one of the most, if not THE MOST, popular of all men's fantasies. Something about how forbidden it is and the implications of a woman's submission that it holds. Supposedly, we have more nerve endings there and it can be really pleasurable for the woman when she's into it as well. I don't know. All I do know is the more I read about it, the less frightening it sounded. However, it never really started to sound all that appealing either.

    That same afternoon I decided to change my approach to the research. I went into town to this video rental place that supposedly rented adult stuff too. There was a back room that I tried to casually and quietly sneak in when I heard a man's voice call out. I turned and there was a big, hairy clerk telling me I had to be eighteen to go back there. I pulled out my ID and showed it to him, all the while shaking even though I was, in fact, legal. He let me go and I walked, embarrassed, through the heavy curtains into the world of porn DVD's.

    I was kind of mortified. Porn had never really offended me; in fact, the few magazines I'd seen actually kind of turned me on. Still, everywhere I looked there was a DVD cover of girls with grotesquely large tits, covered in semen and gapping orifices of every kind imaginable. It was overwhelming. Still, I was on a mission. I began to look around and once the shock wore off I began to find a few things. I eventually walked out with two DVD's. One was an instructional guide to anal sex aimed specifically at women. A "how to" to butt sex, if you will. The other was pure gonzo filth. It had a big red star across the front proclaiming that it was "ALL ANAL!". I figured if one couldn't help me understand the phenomenon, maybe he other would.

    The first one, the instruction DVD for women was a documentary of sorts. It had some supposed porn queen explaining all the details of anal sex in fairly genteel, albeit frank, terms. She made it seem less improbable, even if she never made it sound all that exciting. Next, I watched the hardcore thing. It was wild, chaotic and, at times, pretty gross. A lot of the girls in it seemed to really be going through the motions (again, no pun intended) if not having an out right unpleasant time.

    Then there were the other girls. There were a few on the flick that didn't make me want to fast forward no matter how many penetration shots there were. These women seemed to like it. Correction, they seemed to love it! They were screaming and moaning in ways that didn't sound like reactions to pain and kept encouraging the men to do it. There was this one red head in particular who kept yelling "harder, harder, harder!" I couldn't believe it.

    It was right around then that something inside me changed. Suddenly, I was getting turned on by the idea of Jason fucking me in the ass.

    Jason got home late that evening from a night class. I met him at the door in a cut off t-shirt and panties, two glasses of liquor in hand. I offered him one and said as seductively as I could, "Good evening, Dear Brother. How was class."

    Obviously surprised and immediately turned on he accepted the drink and told me it had been good, but that he couldn't wait to get home.

    "That's good," I replied as I eased back on to the futon. "I couldn't wait for you to get home either."

    Jason smiled and began to slowly ease in for a kiss. "Oh? And why is that?"

    I stopped him with a finger over his lips. I informed him that I had special plans for us for the evening and that we were going to play a very special game that night called "You want it, you got it". Jason laughed slightly, almost nervous. I smiled and laughed a little myself. Then I stopped.

    "Strip," I insisted.

    Jason sat his drink down and began to undress. Once he was naked I sat him down on the futon and began to kiss him all over, no real pretenses of a game, starting at his lips and working my way down. Once I got to his crotch I began a very slow and sensuous blow job. I took my time with my movements but still didn't let it go on for too long. I couldn't have him cumming in my mouth when I had decided he'd be doing it somewhere else. I stopped and looked at Jason intently.

    "Now," I said, "You do the same to me."

    I took off my shirt and panties and we swapped places. Jason kissed me all over and when he began licking my pussy I told him not to stop.

    "Make me cum," I begged him.

    He obliged. As I lay there getting more and more horney, he brought me to an orgasm that tingled everywhere. Finally, I decided I was ready and I stood up. Taking Jason by the hand I led him to my bed and kneeled on it. I pulled some lubricant that the lady in the first DVD had recommended out of my bedside table and laid it next to the pillow. Finally, I got on all fours and asked my brother, "You want to fuck me in the ass?"

    Jason was speechless. He just stood there dumbfounded trying to figure out how to react to my question. Was I serious? He had no idea how much!

    I took his hand and placed it on my butt. I asked him to kiss it and he did. The next thing I know, I'm getting this vicious rim job and I'm loving every second of it. That stuff about all those nerve endings is definitely true. Jason's tongue felt great in my ass and I didn't want him to stop. He did, however. After what seemed like forever he finally let up and I saw his hand grab the lub next to my head. I heard him squeeze a little out and then felt him massage it on my rectum.

    Suddenly, I felt the head of his dick at my entryway and I started to panic just a little. Maybe, Jason could sense my sudden apprehension because he asked if I was okay. When I didn't respond he told me that I didn't have to go through with it if I didn't want to. I took a deep breath and thought about exactly what I was about to do. I was offering to let my big brother put his dick in my ass and fuck me. This was going to be the closest we'd ever gotten. This was going to be actual penetration. I took another breath and my fears went away. My passion took over.

    "God, yes, I want to," I sighed.

    The next thing I knew, Jason was slowly moving himself in and out of me. It felt a little strange at first. Not painful really but, more like I had to go to the restroom. More and more though my desires grew and what felt so strange at first began to feel like heaven. I don't know if it was because it was so taboo or the feelings of total submission to him that I began to feel or possibly even a glimmer of, dare I say it, love, but it started to feel really, really good.

    "Faster," I heard myself say.

    Jason increased the speed of his strokes and my comfort level dropped a little. I began to rub my clitoris and before I knew it, I was pushing back into him. Within about thirty seconds I started shaking I was coming so hard. I heard Jason, yell just a little and then felt a warm, wet sensation in my ass. We'd done it. Jason and I had had anal sex. Not only that but, it was fabulous.

    Another First

    This is an erotic story. It's a true story but, all the names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. It deals with, among other things, lesbianism, sibling incest and anal sex. If you are offended by these things DON'T READ IT!

    The college experience definitely changed me…into a whore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it just came as a bit of a shock at first. It was bad enough that I was screwing my brother, who I was sharing an apartment with, but I was also beginning to explore other parts of my sexuality that continued to push me outside the mainstream.

    It all started at a study group for a psychology class I was taking. Me and three other girls, Katie, Sabrina and Grace were studying for a Psych 101 class. After about three hours of talking about genes, behavior, neurons and hormones we all needed to unwind. It was Sabrina's place and she was kind enough to brake out a bottle of vodka and some orange juice for us to imbibe in. As she mixed us up some cocktails we all talked about our frustrations with the class.

    "I can see why Dr. Schuyler uses this book in his classes," said Sabrina, a buxom and catty brunette girl. "It's so dry and senseless. It makes us all sound like machines...just like his boring, monotone ass."

    "Seriously," I added. "If my hormones were as systematic as this stupid thing makes them sound I'd never have tried some of the stuff I have."

    "Oh, do tell," Grace pounced on the statement as I suddenly realized what my big mouth had gotten me into again.

    "Oh, nothing terribly weird," I lied. "Just more than trying to satisfy urges and make babies."

    "Well, share with the group," Sabrina insisted as she handed me my drink. I began to suddenly feel very shy but, my study partners would have none of it.

    Grace, a beautiful blonde with big eyes asked me if I'd ever had sex with a woman and I told her no. The girls giggled and, I think it was Sabrina who mumbled something about needing to fix that. Katie a small, mousey-looking girl asked me if I'd ever had sex with more than one person at a time. Again, my response was no. The girls all sighed and insisted that it sounded as though I hadn't really done much of anything. I couldn't risk telling them about Jason and me but, suddenly I wanted to just to rub their noses in my depravity. Not even drunk yet and my judgment was impaired.

    "Have you had it up the butt?" Sabrina asked as Katie and Grace laughed.

    "Now that, I've done," I proudly proclaimed.

    Katie and Grace let out an faux-appalled "Ewww!" before laughing, while, Sabrina just rolled her eyes. Before even finishing their exclamation the girls were all over me about "What was it like?" and "Did it hurt?" I told them that I happened to like it…a lot! It was then that Katie pointed out that our hostess had tried it and and wasn't impressed.

    "I mean, I didn't hate it," said Sabrina, "I just didn't really like it either."

    I smiled wickedly, remembering all the glorious times Jason had sodomized me and informed her that she just hadn't had it done right. I described all the little details of a truly wonderful anal experience and answered more of their questions. They went on to tell me of a few exotic experiences in their love lives. It seems all three of them had had sex with women. Grace and Sabrina had screwed each other on multiple occasions, in fact. The two had also had threesomes while all of them had posed for naked photos.

    The alcohol flowed and the stories continued. I was getting insanely horny when suddenly, there was knock at the door. Sabrina called out for the visitor to enter and in walked a thin, hard looking girl about 5' 4" in heels, dressed in all black and sporting blood red hair. The girls called out, "Stacy!"

    "So," she said, puffing on a cigarette and removing her leather jacket, "what you bitches doin' tonight?"

    "Well, we were studying but, now were getting drunk and talking about slutty things we've all done," Sabina replied between sips.

    "Two of my favorite things!" the new visitor exclaimed.

    Sabrina offered to make Stacy a screwdriver which she graciously accepted. Diane pointed me out and introduced me. Stacy, who'd been eyeing me like I was candy from the moment she walked in, pulled her cigarette from her lips, offered me her hand and said "Charmed," in a manor that actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I shook her surprisingly dainty feeling hand and greeted her back. She continued to look me up and down when Sabrina came back over and offered her drink to her.

    "So, tell me about some of these slutty things I'm not already privy to."

    Sabrina was kind enough to point at me and announce, "Emily says she's had good butt sex."

    "Ooo," Stacy exclaimed eagerly, "giving or receiving?"

    The girls laughed and I was hit with all the questions again from Stacy. By the time I'd explained all the details and why I loved it she insisted that I had to introduce her to this man who knew how to make anal so pleasurable. Grace punctuated it by telling Stacy that she needed to introduce me to girl/girl love and maybe we could make a swap. Stacy continued to look me up and down as the conversation moved on to s and m.

    "Look, just grab me by the hair, push my face in the pillow, hold my wrists behind my back and fuck the shit out of me while you tell me what a horrible piece of trash I am and I'm a happy girl," Katie flatly volunteered.

    "I'll keep that in mind," Stacy said. She then returned her attention to me and asked, "What about you, Miss Emily? You like to be 'taken'?"

    She drew on her cigarette again very slowly. The rest of the girls laughed and I began to sweat. This girl really creeped me out but, I'd be lying if I didn't find myself a little turned on at the same time. I can't quit explain it. I just felt my stomach tighten up and my legs press together while I started swallowing a lot. Stacy continued to look me over like she was trying to decide if I was a narc or something and I began to try and push thoughts of her forcibly pressing herself up against me out of my head.

    "Be nice, Stac," Sabrina interrupted. "Emily gave us a tutorial on effectively taking it up the ass. That warrants some respect."

    "You're right," Stacy replied. "Maybe we can start with you giving it to me up the butt and move on to me spanking you with a crop while I push your face in my twat."

    "Like I said, 'a swap'," laughed Grace.

    "Wait," Katie interjected, "how is she going to give it to you in the ass?"

    "I have toys," said Stacy.

    By this point, the girls were rolling around laughing. We continued to drink and talk about sex. We covered the positive and negative details of filatio, fantasies, and celebrities and other students we thought were sexy. Before long I was drunk and announced that I needed to go home.

    Sabrina protested. "You're too drunk to drive, Emily."

    "I won't," I slurred. "I walked here, I'll just walk back. I only live on Elm...at Taylor House."

    "I'll drive you home!" exclaimed Stacy. "I live on the corner of Elm."

    I should have been immediately concerned but, I really didn't want to walk the mile home. Laziness and alcohol combined to make me accept. We said our good byes and left Sabrina's. As we walked out the door, she said, "Have fun," rather suggestively. I paused for just enough time to hear the other girls giggle but continued on to Stacy's car.

    "Are you sure you're sober enough to drive," I asked her.

    "Don't worry, Baby," she said "I've only had a couple. You on the other hand are in need of some help."

    She poured me into the car and then got in on her side. After turning on the engine she set the CD player to some industrial goth music and started driving me home.

    "So," she began, "are you going to introduce me to this amazing man who makes ass sex so good?"

    My head was swimming and the request was one I couldn't begin to entertain granting.

    "I don't think so."

    "Aw," she pouted. "Well, ...how about letting me show you some girl love?"

    My heart was starting to pound and I couldn't respond.

    "You're very beautiful, Emily, ...not to mention sexy. I don't know if you noticed but, I couldn't take my eyes off you all night."


    Stacy pulled up to the curb in front of my apartment and put her car in park. Without turning off the engine she continued to hit on me.

    "Well, then...," she purred as she undid her own seat belt before reaching over to unhook mine, "What do you say?"

    We just sat there for a moment staring at each other. Stacy looked at me like prey and I tried to keep my heart from beating straight through my chest. Finally, she basically lunged at me, shoving her tongue down my throat and her hand up my shirt. I freaked and pushed her off of me.

    "STOP!" I snapped.

    We sat there looking at each other. After a few more moments, Stacy apologized. As she hung her head something in me changed and I was no longer as frightened by her. Instead, my urges commandeered my body and I jumped on her. I crawled across the seat and into her lap and started kissing her frantically. We unfastened each others pants and felt each other up under our clothes. At some point Stacy pulled my hands off of her and shoved her hand between my legs. She massaged my clit in ways I didn't even know were possible and fingered me until I came minutes later some hard I had to bury my face in her leather jacket to keep the whole street from hearing me scream.

    I sat there breathing heavily until I calmed down enough to regain some of my senses. I tried to touch Stacy but she wouldn't let me.

    "Next time," she said with one last kiss.

    Stacy opened the car door and motioned for me to get out. I did feeling clumsy and a little violated. I stood in the street next to her car adjusting my clothes and trying to rationalize what we had just done.

    "Thanks, Emily," Stacy said, almost sweetly. "Tell you what, why don't I make you dinner tomorrow night and we can get to know each other a little better, okay?"

    I just stood there staring at her, stunned.

    "Hey," she insisted, "okay?"

    I thought for just a second and finally nodded. Stacy held out her cell phone and asked me to program my phone number into it. I did as she asked, still without a word. Afterward, she blew me a kiss, shut her car door and drove to the parking lot right next door. She pulled into the garage and that was the last I saw of her that night.

    After a few more seconds of just standing there in the street I pulled myself together and walked inside and upstairs to my apartment. I opened the door to find Jason there on the sofa.

    "Hey, kid," he said, "what did you do this evening?"

    What indeed.

    Dinner With Friends

    This is an erotic story. It's a true story but, all the names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. It deals with, among other things, lesbianism, sibling incest and anal sex. If you are offended by these things DON'T READ IT!

    Stacy tried to call me for the next couple of days. I avoided answering the phone the first time I saw a strange number and continued when the same one kept popping up. For whatever reason I was a little ashamed of what had happened between us, not so much, I don't think, because of the fact that it was sex with another girl as much as the idea that I might have just been behaving kind of slutty period. It seems silly now but, at the time it was consuming me. Not only that, there was just something...almost creepy about this girl. Don't get me wrong. She was about the sexiest person I've ever met. She was just so aggressive and wicked. I didn't really know how to react.

    Finally after a couple of days of avoiding her calls I was distressed to come home and find her sitting on the front steps of my apartment building, smoking a cigarette. I had my nose in a book and almost ran right into her as I approached. She caught my attention at the last moment, oddly cheerful considering the circumstances.

    "Whoa there, Cowgirl. Slow it down and watch where you're going. You could kill somebody with that hot little body of yours."

    I was speechless. I didn't know whether to be frightened by her presence, offended at her suggestive remark or pleased that she didn't seem angry or hurt. I just sort of stood there for a moment before finally saying her name. She smiled and exhaled smoke with an almost evil looking glint in her eye.

    "I hope I haven't scared you off," she said.

    I scrambled to collect my thoughts and found myself feeling a bit ashamed of avoiding her.

    "No, no," I stuttered, adjusting the books in my hands, "I just..."

    I didn't really have an answer.

    "...You've just never been down that particular road before and now you're worried that this fella you've been having great alternative sex with is going to think you're a total whore when he finds out."

    No wonder I didn't have an answer. Stacy was holding on to it.

    "Um...something like that."

    "Look," she said surprisingly sympathetically, "I understand. This is probably a little over whelming."

    Stacy offered me a cigarette which I accepted. She went on to explain a few things to me, including her first encounter with a girl, the fact that most guys get turned on by two chicks together and, most importantly, that she really did just want to make me dinner.

    "I'm not trying to stalk you," she continued, "I just want to be friends. I figure I at least owe you dinner. After that we can talk and get to know each other a little better. What do you say?"

    She was so comforting that all my apprehension and fear just dissolved like sugar into coffee. They were still there, deep down but, they were no longer as solid ...and in fact just added to the over all experience. I smiled and agreed. We made plans for that night around six and started to make small talk when Jason walked up. I suddenly jumped to my feet.

    "Jason," I said like a teenager whose parents just caught them with cheap wine.

    "Hey, Em," he said unfazed, "what's going on?"

    "Oh, nothing," I lied. "This is Stacy. She's making me dinner."

    I was as rigid as a board. If you'd stuck a lump of coal in my pussy it would have turned into a diamond in about an hour. I just knew he was going to look at us and know we'd fucked. On top of that, I just knew Stacy was going to look at Jason and me and know...we'd fucked.

    "Is that okay?" I almost whimpered.

    "Uh, sure," Jason replied, confused at my need for approval.

    "It's nice to meet you," Stacy offered her hand to him. "Perhaps I can make both of you dinner some time."


    I was really getting nervous and told Jason that I would be up to start some homework shortly. He said his goodbyes and headed upstairs with what seemed to be a fairly ignorant smile. I was about to hyperventilate.

    "So, six o' clock?" I said much louder and faster than I intended.

    "Six o' clock," Stacy confirmed. She placed another cigarette in her mouth, lit it, took a drag and then put it in my mouth. "Until then."

    She walked away leaving me to finish her smoke while I tried to calm down.

    It was seven o'clock and I was still at my place standing in front of a full length mirror. I had spent a ridiculous amount of time, showering, applying my make up and selecting my clothes for the evening, which, at this point, consisted of a cut off Judas Priest T-Shirt, a black open sweater, short black skirt, beige stockings and cowboy boots. I was getting ready to change my outfit when Jason walked in.

    "What are you planning to fuck this girl?" he asked.

    "What?!?" I was absolutely mortified.

    "I'm kidding," he amended. "It's just that you've changed clothes three times. You're acting like you're going out on a date. ...And weren't you supposed to meet her at six? Its seven now. You're an hour late."

    "I know. I know." I said in a virtual state of panic. I grabbed my purse, cigarettes and keys and headed out telling Jason not to wait up. I walked next door to the building Stacy lived in and stood there staring at it. The fact that the weather was starting to get colder and my being sort of scantily dressed were enough to give me that last push. I went to her door and knocked.

    I heard her voice say, "Coming," and I stood there shaking. Partially from the cold air and partially from nerves. After what seemed like a really long time for a trip to the door she pulled it open. There Stacy stood in a tank top, denim shorts and wool socks, shockingly red red bobbed hair framing her beautiful face. We both looked each other up and down and finally she said, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

    "I...couldn't find my purse," I lied.

    Stacy looked me over again. "You look cute," she said. I thanked her as she invited me in and told me to make myself at home.

    Her apartment was tiny, even smaller than Jason and mine's. It was just a living room, bedroom/bath and a little kitchenette off the left of living room. It had hard wood floors that creaked every time we took a step. It was sparsely furnished but still seemed a little cramped. There was a futon couch in the middle of the floor in front of a bookshelf that was in the wall. It was packed to the ceiling with a mixture of text books, photography books, and conspiracy theory junk and, what appeared to be erotica and porn. There was a bean bag chair on one side of the room and a foam love seat on the other, a cheap end table between the futon and love seat with a tacky lamp on it and a TV sitting on another end table next to the front door. There was also a small woven rug in the middle of the floor. Aside from all this the only other thing in the room were photos, lots and lots of photos, most unframed, all over the walls. They were predominantly black and white and of women in various stages of undress. Most were very beautiful and tastefully done, while some bordered on outright smut.

    "Did you take all these?"

    "Most," she said. "Photography is going to be my focus. I just decided this semester. Have a seat."

    I sat on the couch, putting my purse under it and pulling out a cigarette. The half full ash tray on the end table told me it was okay, so I lit up. Stacy was in the kitchen warming up dinner and said she'd made pasta. Before I could say anything I was shocked to hear the toilet flush, the bathroom door open and see Katie walk out of the bedroom.

    "Hey, Emily," she said cheerfully and innocently. "What's up?"

    "Katie. Hey, what are you doing here?" I blurted out before I realized the implications. "I mean...," I struggled to think of how to amend the thought but froze up.

    "Katie was helping me with some work earlier," Stacy informed me. "I told her she could stay and eat with us."

    I was really confused. Here I had thought that this was some kind of date or that Stacy was going to try to get in my pants again. The confusion obviously showed because as Stacy walked out of the kitchen she stopped and cocked her head, studying me for a moment.

    "Oh, Sweetie, did you think I was just going to try and get in your pants again?" she asked in a patronizing tone, confirming my anxieties.

    Katie laughed. Me? I panicked. I stood up and started to charge out of the apartment but, Stacy grabbed my hand.

    "Hey, I'm just teasing."

    I was pissed. That she could just out me like that, that she could have Katie there giggling at me to begin with, it was all too much.

    "Let go of me, you whore!"

    "Hey, hey, hey," Stacy said, soothingly, "calm down, Kid. It's okay."

    "It's not okay and I'm not a kid!"

    "Maybe I should go," Katie said almost nervously, yet trying to mend the situation.

    "No, Kate, you are going to stay, Emily is going to stay and we are going to have dinner," our hostess flatly stated. "Everything is fine."

    "It's not fucking fine!" I swore. "What? Is this all just a game to you?"

    "Actually," Katie interjected, "it sort of is."

    Stacy and I both grew silent as she had our full attention.

    "Don't get pissed off at Stacy, Emily," she said in a very rational, calming tone. "It's just her way of trying to be nice. She did the same thing to me."

    I tried to fathom just what Katie was saying while trying not to suffocate.

    "My freshman year she cornered me in a bedroom at a party and shoved her tongue in my mouth and her hand down my pants. I didn't know what was happening but, in the end I learned that she was just trying to show me that she liked me. And, in the end, I like it." She paused to take a breath and then continued. "Give her a chance. Have dinner. And, if you two want to start fooling around afterwards, I'll leave if you want."

    Katie paused again before completing her thought. "You're young. Have fun."

    She made it all sound so reasonable. Just have dinner. If I want later, have sex. Nothing to it.

    I stood there in silence for a moment or two. Finally, Emily let go of my wrist and asked if I was staying for dinner or not. I found myself suddenly calm and a little embarrassed. I started to chuckle a little. I could feel myself blushing and thought that I must seem like a real idiot, if not a psycho.

    I nodded.

    "Great," Stacy said as she hugged me.

    "I'm sorry, you guys," I apologized as I laughed and simultaneously wiped small tears from my eyes. "You must think I'm a real crazy bitch."

    "You?" asked Stacy simi sarcastically, "Now Kate...you wouldn't know it to look at her but this mousey, 98 pound thing can scream and punch when she wants to."

    "Oh, shut up, you cunt," Katie said flatly before laughing.

    As Stacy fixed our plates, pulled out two bottles of wine and we all sat in a circle on the floor, the two told me more details of how Stacy had ambushed Katie, not unlike she had me, the year before. Katie, the tiny, waifish, little blonde had apparently been much more distressed than I over the whole thing and had physically attacked Stacy when confronted by her a couple of days later.

    "I was so pissed off and so confused and so...uh! Everything."

    "You didn't know you were a lesbian, either, I take it?"

    "I'm not," she insisted.

    "Sorry, bisexual," I apologized.

    "I don't know if I'd really call myself bi, ether," Katie said, confusing the issue more. "I just seem to like fucking some of my girlfriends sometimes, that's all. ...I like dick."

    "Don't we all?" said Stacy.

    "So, you're not gay?" I was becoming more and more confused by the minute.

    "Oh, Honey, I just like to screw pretty people," she replied with a mouth full of fettuccini. "As long as I'm attracted to you and you're good at it, I don't care about the parts."

    "Parts is parts," Katie added.

    We laughed and as we finished dinner the two girls continued to tell me about their girl-sex exploits. Apparently Stacy had also shown Sabrina her first girl on girl experience and Grace as well. According to Katie, our hostess really enjoyed deflowering innocent, freshmen girls. She also, apparently, enjoyed getting them together. She had introduced Grace and Sabrina to each other who, I was surprised to be told, were sort of a couple now.

    "I didn't realize," I exclaimed. "I mean..., I thought...I don't know."

    "Oh, don't be fooled. They still date boys on occasion they just sleep with each other A LOT," Stacy clarified.

    I thought for a moment, digesting the conversation along with my Alfredo. As one of the most recent details hit me I pulled my wine from my lips rather abruptly and spilled some on the rug.

    "Shit!" I exclaimed in a panic.

    "Its okay, it's okay," Stacy reassured as she got something to clean it with.

    "So, um," I stammered as I smeared red wine farther across her rug in a futile attempt to clean it myself, "Are you trying to fix Katie and I up?"

    Both girls stopped. They looked at me like I'd suddenly asked them if they were from a different planet. Stacy finally bent down and began cleaning the rug.

    "It's not a 'fix up'," she said flatly.

    "Oh." I replied, "Okay...cuz...I mean...it's not that you're not attractive, Katie...I just...," I was making more of a mess with my words than I did with the wine. Finally, Stacy sat up in front of me and put her hands on my knees.

    "Emily...Baby Doll, its just diner. I happen to like you and I'm trying to get to know you better. Now, if we do decide to get all sweaty later, Katie has offered to leave...".

    "I will," she interjected.

    "Or, if you're brave enough, she can sit and watch. I've been taking naked pictures of her all afternoon; it's only fair if she gets to see some skin."

    Katie laughed and hit Stacy in the back of the head with a cushion. Stacy gave me a brief but sweet kiss and sat back down in front of her plate.

    "I'm teasing," she finally said. Then she paused a moment before adding, "...or maybe I'm not."

    "She's being a slutty bitch is what she's doing," Katie laughed again.

    I laughed as well. It was becoming clear that it was all true. If I wanted, this was just dinner. If I chose otherwise, Katie would excuse herself and I could get laid with Stacy. If I was feeling really brave we could all three pile up on the floor licking whatever piece of skin happened to appear before us and feeling hands and mouths all over our own parts. Hell, I probably could have called Jason and had him jack off over us as we all three screwed and it would have been okay. It was all very simple; these girls were simply available to each other and to me. What they wanted was to know if I was available to them.

    Suddenly I started getting really, really, unbelievably horny.

    "So, if I wanted to fuck Stacy while you watched and then screw you while she watched, I could do it?" I asked flatly.

    The girls were surprised by my sudden bravado. Katie explained that that scenario might be difficult because Stacy wasn't content to just watch. She liked to be in the middle of things.

    "So, you and I can put her in the middle, then?"

    Again the girls just kind of stared at me, Katie with her mouth hanging slightly open and Stacy wickedly smirking a little. Katie laughed again. Stacy stood, picking up our plates in the process.

    "I have an idea," she said. "Let's all have dessert."

    She went to the kitchen, put the plates down and then swore. We stared at her as she turned and stood in the doorway.

    "We don't have any dessert," she announced. She then raised a finger, signaling an idea. "But, wait! I know what we can have instead." She then turned to me, pulled me up onto the futon and said, "Let's have sex."

    With that we started to make out like doctors in an elevator. I surprised my self so much with my sudden lack of inhibitions. It was like I was watching myself from the outside as we swirled our tongues around in each other's mouths and pulled at each other's clothing. I glanced over at Katie who watched with a smile as she sipped her wine. After a while I noticed she was starting to play with herself through her pants. It was about this time that Stacy got up and marched into the bedroom telling us that she'd be right back. Without hesitation I crawled over to Katie and kissed her sweetly on the lips. We both smiled.

    When Stacy came back she tossed a box on the floor in front of the futon and then pulled me to my feet. She dug in the box for a moment and then presented me with a strap on dildo. As I looked at it like some foreign piece of technology she reminded me that she had promised to let me have my way with her this time around. At this point she was down to wool socks and cut off shorts. She removed the shorts and a pair of thong panties with them. Then she sat on the futon with her knees up and spread presenting me with her soaking pussy which she started rubbing.

    "I'm desperately, painfully horny, Emily. Will you put me out of my misery?"

    I glanced over at Katie who smiled as she began to slowly undress herself. I then knelt in front of Stacy and, with a good deal of force, shoved my face into her twat. I had never given a girl head before but I knew what felt good and what didn't. I tried to achieve the former. Every once in a while Stacy would tell me something felt really good or give me small instructions. I finally looked up at her and said, "I'm behind the steering wheel this time." And with that I stuck my finger up her ass.

    That caught her off guard. I went back to eating her out and eventually raised my head up and pulled my finger out of her rear end. She kissed me and then patted the strap on which I still had in my hand.

    "Please fuck me, Emily," she moaned.

    Then she turned and put her ass in my face. I held it the way killers in movies hold butcher knives and basically began stabbing Stacy in the pussy with it. I started slow but, as she began pushing back into me, the whole series of motions got faster and harder. Finally, I put my tongue in her ass and my free hand on her clit. As I licked and massaged she suddenly tensed up and pushed back into me really hard. She began making these deep, almost growling noises and then, all of a sudden she relaxed, whimpering into the back of the futon.

    I looked over at Katie who was now naked and bringing herself to her own orgasm. She was really loud and as she finished moaning and squealing I pulled her to her feet. I just looked her over for a while as she stood there panting. She was so small, sweet and, almost nerdy looking, but remarkably pretty. I ran my fingers through her short blonde hair and then kissed her. She kissed me back and we smiled at each other. I started touching her all over, softly exploring her tiny, but perfect, frame. Finally as I stood to kiss her again Stacy, who'd recovered, step up next to us, put the box in my hands and said, "Let's go to the bed room, girls."

    She stood between us, hooking her arms in ours and leading us to her bed. As I stood and watched she put Katie on it on her hands and knees. She turned to me and reached in the box. With a naughty smile she pulled out a couple of scarves, one of which she blindfolded Katie with. The other she used to tie her hands behind her back.

    "What was it she said?" Stacy asked referencing Katie's statement at the study group, "'Hold my hands behind my back, shove my face in a pillow and fuck the shit out of me?'"

    Stacy took the strap on from me and wiped it off on the scarf holding Katie's hands in place. She then put it around her own waist.

    "Let me show you how it's done," she said, matter-of-factly.

    With that she crawled onto the bed and inserted the rubber dick into our little friend from behind. Slowly, she began to ease it in and out as Katie moaned into the pillow. I watched the erotic scene before me for about a minute or two before Stacy pulled me up onto the bed, motioning for me to get in front of Katie.

    "I believe she also said to talk to her like trash," I added as I pulled her head up of the pillow by her hair. "Didn't you, you nasty, slutty little whore?"

    "Yes," she weakly replied.

    Stacy suddenly slapped her on the ass really hard. "Yes, what, you miserable little Cunt?"

    "Yes...Mistress?" Katie offered.

    "That's better," I said, surprising myself at how quickly I was adapting to such a taboo game. "Mistress Stacy gets that end and I ...get this one."

    I kissed Katie again, this time really hard. Then I shoved her face in my pussy. Stacy whispered something to me about our little slave girl not liking to perform cunnilingus but, that must have been circumstantial because she started going to town between my legs. I mean it. She licked and sucked my clit better than it's ever been done and I was overwhelmed by lust. Stacy and I started to kiss and pull each other's hair as we reached for each other from both ends of Katie. We were absolutely soaking the sheets with sweat, all of us were moaning and squealing and grunting and screaming and writhing around. It was marvelous!

    Finally, Stacy started pounding into Katie harder and harder. Katie lost focus on my clit as she started to scream. Within seconds Stacy started to tense up and quiver. Her lips snarled and she growled again like a beast as I realized she was coming. With one last hard push into Katie she stopped and then fell backwards on her ass, panting.

    I pulled Katie's face up to mine and started to kiss her. I placed her hand between my legs and mine between hers and we started to jerk each other off. I started whispering into her ear how nasty she was, how dirty it was for her to let two other girls use her like this and for her to like it so much. A minute or two later Katie came. Almost as if on cue, so did I.

    We all just collapsed, trying desperately to catch our breath. Within a few seconds we all started to giggle. Giggles turned to full on laughter and we all sighed.

    "That was fabulous," I moaned.

    "Yes," added Stacy, "Yes, it was."

    "And on that note, I have to pee," Katie said, almost crawling to the bathroom.

    Without hesitation Stacy wanted confirmation of my state of mind.

    "So," she said, "we okay?"

    I smiled. "We're okay." I crawled to her and kissed her. "We're all okay."

    "I'm very pleased," she said. "So, do you think its possible now for me to meet this amazing man who knows how to give good butt sex? Or would you be too jealous to share."

    I thought for a moment. Then I smiled.

    "Let me think about it," I told her. Then added, "You've certainly earned it...along with my trust."

    "Good I'm glad."

    "Me too." I paused, "Don't ever let me regret it, okay."

    Stacy kissed me very passionately and then said, "No matter what, no matter what happens or what the situation...you have may word."

    Wow. What a great dinner.

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